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About us

Serbian Biochemical Society is a un-government and non-profit scientific and professional society established to achieve the objectives in the field of biochemistry.

The Societi's objectives are the promotion of biochemistry as a scientific discipline and profession, aiding the development and promotion of scientific research in the fields of biochemistry and exchange of scientific knowledge and information, fostering scientific communication between scientists in the country and abroad; biochemistry popularization and development of young scientists; cooperation with related societies in the country; cooperation with the national biochemical and similar societies of other countries, cooperation with international organizations and associations of appropriate activities.

To achieve its goals Serbian Biochemical Society organizes scientific and professional meetings, workshops and training courses, scientific conferences and national and international symposia and other evens with scientific and technical character; issues publications on the activities of the Society (work performed and review articles from scientific conferences), technical exchanges and scientific literature and scientific information with other scientific and professional societies at home and abroad, cooperate and participate in the work of the Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS) and other international and European association for Biochemistry and related scientific discipline.

Member of the Serbian Biochemical Society can become any person who has interest in scientific research in the fields of biochemistry or related fields, accept goals of the Serbian Biochemical Society and the Statute and submit its application for membership of the Board of Serbian Biochemical Society.

Honorary member of the Serbian Biochemical Society can become a member of the Society that is engaged in scientific, professional and educational activities, which made ​​a significant contribution to the science and practice, as well as achieving the goals and objectives of the Serbian Biochemical Society.

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